Adonicca McAllister, Chair

Johanna Covault, Secretary

Jamie Sellers, Outreach Subcommittee  Chair

Patti Wiley, Outreach Subcommittee Co-Chair

Tim Bradley, Outreach Subcommittee Co-Chair

Suzi Canali, Legal Subcommittee Chair

Bea Cote, Legal Subcommittee Co-Chair

Vickie Evans, Interfaith Subcommittee Chair

Marguerite Lee, Interfaith Subcommittee Co-Chair




Executive Subcommittee

Consists of the current DVAC Chair & Co-Chair, Secretary, past Chair, and Chairs of each DVAC subcommittee. Their purpose is to plan monthly meetings, address issues that arise from previous meetings, and set the strategic direction of the DVAC based on member feedback. 

Legal Subcommittee - Criminal & Civil DV Court Advocacy

Purpose is to explore ways to improve victim safety and batterer accountability through the legal system. 

Outreach Subcommittee

Purpose is to create inclusive events to help community get involved in DV awareness and advocacy.  This committee is responsible for planning marches, candidate forums, the annual memorial tree ceremony, and other events as applicable.

Interfaith Subcommittee

Purpose is to promote inclusive collaboration with faith-based communities to share events and information related to DV awareness and advocacy.  This committee is open to every faith.


To inquire about involvement with DVAC leadership or subcommittees, contact dvac.charlotte@gmail.com.

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